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film by wildberries from olympia

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current work portfolio

çöp (shortfiction)

engl. trash

october 2019, istanbul (turkey)


coming soon!


a turkish garbage girl faces an unexpected mothership.


eda gülsün odabas

shopkeeper İsmail işçi

director julie olympia cahannes

screenwriter julie olympia cahannes

translator birce kardas

1.assistant of director sahar eletreby

2.assistant of director osama salah

director of camera ahmed hamedi

1.assistant of camera umut alaz kökcü

2.assistant of camera ahmet yılmaz

sound lidja jahollari and gürkan özkan

mentors oguz yenen and feride cicekoglu

special thanks to sirin erensoy

producer wildberries from olympia

mona (shortfiction)

spring 2019, zurich (switzerland)

zurich university of arts

coming soon

instagram klick here

A young and melancholic woman plans her own funeral to begin a new life. but first of all she needs to go through the machinery of the capitalistic funeral industry while she is missing deeply the poetry of life.


what will she find in the end?


mona anja elisabeth rüegg

pfarrer patrick balaraj yogarajan

candidate jana selina cocivera

grabsteinhändler phillipe schuler

floristin jasmin clamor

plattenverkäuferin barblin leggio

director julie olympia cahannes

screenwriters julie olympia cahannes and emanuel hänsenberger

1.assistant of director madleina cavelti

2.assistant of director linda bill

set manager jonas van der kleij

director of camera emanuel hänsenberger

1.assistant of camera pascal kohler

gaffer daniel best arias

best boy yoro tobler and elias quadri

grip filipe birchler

sound lars wicki

editor julie olympia cahannes

assistant editor lars wicki

sounddesigner lars mulle

colorgrading ian oggenfuss

costume jumana issa

make up artist daria meienhofer and raiza hauser and kim

setphotographer nikolaj leu

catering karin cahannes

producer zuricher unversity of arts