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film by wildberries from olympia

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musicvideo portfolio

lovesong (musicvideo)

july 2019, zurich (switzerland)


musicvideo klick here

juan lemon klick here

A poetic and melancholic musicvideo about love and pain. shooted in the surrounding of the china garden in zurich; juan lemon plays his guitare and sings in symbiosis with the philosophy of a broken heart. inspired by the concept of old paintings like jean-auguste-dominique ingres “le bain turc“, we created the circle of melancholy.


look into the eyes of love.


juan lemon emil schuler

love anne gisler


juan lemon emil schuler

love anne gisler

director/script julie olympia cahannes

camera pascal kohler

music juan lemon

make up daria meienhofer

production ©wildberriesfromolympia

inspired by the ancient story of kali and shiva the music and dancevideo "kali" create a fantasy world in which a normal loving couple is foreced to face the relationships problems as their love, passion and submission.

kali (musicvideo)

spring 2018, zurich (switzerland)

zurich university of arts

music by LVDF klick here


kali sarafina beck

shiva  muhammed kaltuk

script/director/choreografie niara sakho

script/editing/camera julie olympia cahannes

1.assistant of camera patrick betschart

light raphael werner

ton ivan avramovic

aussstattung dorentina imeri

graphic fabian seiler


project mit bilder erzählen

mentors mike schaerer/ barbara weber/ georg bringolf

head of production filippo bonacci


bachelor of arts in film

head of department sabine boss

producer zuricher unversity of arts


© Zurich University of Arts 2020